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could somebody post the pictures from the party? i would really like to see them.
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You do NOT want to miss this!!!!
Ousia's house
This weekend Saturday 6-10
***appleists only***
ONLY Once a YEAR!!!
We will miss you if u do not come
for details and stuff call me/leah at 238-7447
or call ousia at w/e her number is (i really should kno it by now...)
See ya there!
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You're invited to...

an Appleism Party!!!!

When: June, 10th, 6pm - 10pm

Where: Ousia's house

Bring: appleism shirt (from last year) or a white shirt to be made into an appleism shirt
             some kind of apple dish (eg. apple crisp, apple cobbler, caremel apples, apple pie, plain apples with dip, etc) BE CREATIVE
             a couple dollars for pizza

RSVP by comment to darkmistress27 or yellow_parade or 238-7447

spread the word to other appleists without LJ's!!!!

billybob be with you all
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Okay. We are dead! Why are we dead???

I'm so sorry that we haven't been doing anything appleism related in FOREVER. But, we're planning a party -- i promise -- for 5/20, 6/9 or 610

Let's update this more oftener :) *smiles*

BillyBob be with you


what's your favourite type of apple?
what's your favourite way to eat an apple?

^^these questions are important! they'll be used in the party!
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Okay, so I have to tell you all about my Catholic cousin. He's really really Catholic and he lives in a Catholic town and he goes to a Catholic school and he's going to go to a Catholic college. But the point is, he wrote this article about how poeple should say, "Merry Christmas," and not "Happy Holidays," for lots of stupid, insensitive reasons. It was well-written, but it was stupid. Anyway, it was all written sarcastically, and at the end he said, "Happy Festivus," which is apparently something from Seinfeild. So we visit him at his house, and he's like, "Mom, I have to go at 4:30 to get to the party." I'm like, "What party?" and he explains that it's a "Festivus" party where they mockingly hold a "politically correct" (in their minds) non-denominational winter holiday. It was good-naturedly scornful of all those crazy people who don't call Christmas Christmas. (I have some very interesting thoughts on his whole premise, but I won't talk about them now.) Anyway, this party thing struck me as sort of a reverse appleism. Since our "philosophy" has taken on a few aspects of extreme religion, and we're somewhat irreverently, but certainly not unkindly mocking those certain silly aspects. And then here are these religious kids, making fun of what they think of as extreme political-correctness. It was very interesting to me, and I thought I'd share.

Oh, and Happy Holidays or whatever the hell you want. I love you all!
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Hello Appleists!
I thought you all might want to know that I did a presentation on apples in Spanish class on Monday. And I explained the founding of appleism. :). I also said that if anyone wants to join they should talk to me (though no one has yet).

Power to the Apples!
May Billy bob be with you!

Also, I'll be in Madison from Dec. 22 - Jan. 23, if you'd like to start planning the party around me.

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did you know that apples are more efficient then caffiene at waking you up at the morning?
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c'mon, guys, let's pull thru... YEAH!
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I think we need to talk a little bit about appleism. Its rather depressing how little we've been talking about it, but we have to keep Billy Bob with us all as we head into Winter. I know it will be hard, but if we just hang on, life will come out okay.

May Billy Bob Be With You

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I thought you guys might enjoy these fabulous apple pictures.
The Conservationists at Eau Claire went apple picking and made caramel apples. I didn't go, but they emailed pictures, and they made me think of all my appleist buddies!

apple picturesCollapse )

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