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A Life-Changing Philosophy

**Livin' by the apples~~
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This is a community that is just a community. Feel free to write how you feel, and we will listen. Rant, if you wish. Or talk about fun things that have happened to you, if you wish.

1) No derogatory terms. Moderate swearing *is* okay, but try to be reasonable.
2) Don't insult other peoples feelings. Everybody has a right to their feelings, and everybody is free to express their feelings without being harrased.

When introducing yourself, please include:
Your Name
Your Age
Favourite Song/Artist
Anything else about your life that you want to.

****Posts Don't have to be about any particular thing****

Now for the philosophy. Appleism is a life altering philosophy created by me and my friend Emily. It may not make sense to you, and that's okay. You don't have to be an appleist to be in this community, but you're welcome to become one.
Basic Rules of Appleism:
-Red exists.
-Yellow does not exist
-Apples are ALWAYS red and they exist
-Red Delicious apples don't exist because red is in the name, and there's too much existance
-Bananas are fluffy and don't exist
-Moldy/Rotten bananas exist because they feel fluffy and aren't yellow
-Citrus fruit exist because citric acid exists and it outways the yellow. (many citrus fruit are yellow)
-Red Balloons are Never Yellow because balloons exist, red exists and yellow does not exist
-Grass doesn't exist
-If something doesn't exist, it's still there and it's still what it is, it just doesn't exist
-Sugar producing merry-go-round! (sugar and merry-go-rounds exist, merry-go-rounds produce sugar)
-Cucumbers are red and they exist
-Flowers exist unless they are red because the double existance is an overload, and it ceases to exist
-Red Roses exist because roses have thorns.
-Billy Bob is accepted as our personal saviour
-Cornmazes exist
-Circles Exist
-Fanny Rass is a bitch and should be hated by all or I will kill them, apple-ist or NOT!

((^last one was from Emm))

.....updates to list rules will come.....